Our mission

What is our mission?

“To be a STEAM career-focused catalyst offering youth from under-served communities a global perspective via international travel.”

Planetary Chase has identified that a gap exists between the global goals of youth travel, the goals of educational advancement and the knowledge base required to pursuit a variety of careers in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) fields. We address the issue of educating disenfranchised youth about the world by broadening their horizons through travel and bridging the gap between education and career development in the following areas:

Goal 1: Collaboration and Coordination
Promote coordinated strategies to improve youth outcomes.

Objective 1: Align and simplify federal guidance for youth programs.
Objective 2: Coordinate youth programming and funding support at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels.
Objective 3: Coordinate technical assistance efforts to leverage resources.

Goal 2: Career Focused Strategies
Promote career guidance and professional development strategies.

Objective 1: Encourage the adoption of career-based strategies, and support their implementation.
Objective 2: Enrichen and fill gaps in knowledge regarding global career opportunities.

Goal 3: Youth Engagement and Partnerships
Promote youth engagement and partnership to strengthen programs and benefit youth.

Objective 1: Promote youth-adult partnerships to support sustained youth engagement efforts and strengthen programs.
Objective 2: Provide and encourage federal, state, local, and tribal provision of multiple opportunities for youth to develop, master, and apply critical skills, including life and leadership skills.

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