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Q: What we do and why we do it?

Planetary Chase is an international youth travel and STEAM career mentoring initiative. We contribute to the personal and professional growth of students and young people in order to positively impact our global community, providing career focused mentoring for youths by fostering global understanding, responsible international travel, cultural exchange and education.

Q: What are our Values?

  • We believe in the empowering all youth and in fostering their abilities to choose their own paths in pursuit
    of their full potential

  • We believe in honesty, integrity, and transparency in aspects of our work

  • We believe in accountability to youth, society, our partners and the global community

  • We believe in equality, inclusion, diversity, and respect the uniqueness and well-being of each and every individual

  • We believe in teamwork and collaboration to achieve our vision, mission and to support the youth we serve and uphold our values

  • We believe in the continuous pursuit of organizational excellence and best practices

Q: Why Planetary Chase?

Planetary Chase provides youth living in disadvantaged areas or impoverished situations with an opportunity to explore the world, permitting them to form lifelong bonds with their classmates as they explore other countries and cultures. While seeing some of the most incredible landmarks and attractions they are also able to encounter professionals in specialized fields all around the world. The impact of Planetary Chase is to empower the next generation and establish long-lasting ties between the United States and other countries.

What distinguishes Planetary Chase from other programs is that we provide an opportunity for middle school to high school age youths (approximately eighth through tenth grade level) to not only travel and explore the world, other countries, communities and cultures we provide the chance to observe people working in different fields around the world while also gaining an understanding of the miracles of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students are provided an opportunity to learn more about the arts, crafts and cuisine of various cultures.